Carolina New Song Ministries, a member of Restored Hope Network, is a support ministry for those with unwanted homosexual desires (same-sex attractions, or SSA), and also for those who have been adversely impacted by a friend or family member dealing with homosexuality.  To those seeking freedom from unwanted attractions or behaviors, we proclaim the hope of a changed life* through the saving love and power of Jesus Christ.

*When we use the terms “change” and “healing,” we are not suggesting that the primary goal of Carolina New Song is to focus on a change in sexual orientation (though we do believe that is possible), but the changed life that is clearly promised by God and expressed in the Bible.

Therefore, our mission at Carolina New Song is to minister in Christ’s love to those who desire to live a life of repentance toward homosexual behaviors, unhealthy emotional dependencies, addictions, and other related issues.

Support GroupSupport Group

We do this primarily by meeting together for mutual friendship and support in a safe and loving environment.  Our meetings include fellowship, sharing, accountability, study of pertinent literature, worship and prayer, all of which we believe are important parts of the healing process.

Discovering that a child or sibling is experiencing same-sex attractions is often a very difficult reality to grasp.  Thus we also work to assist family members in their efforts to relate in both truth and love to the person impacted by these attractions.

Change Is Possiblehope for healing

It is our firm belief that change and healing are possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  The prevailing cultural view is that same-sex attractions are inherent and immutable.  There is, however, much evidence to the contrary indicating that same-sex attractions stem from early developmental problems that are psychological and physiological in nature.


While we believe that healing is available through faith in Jesus Christ, we also understand that the process of healing is multidimensional and in many cases may include professional counseling.

The staff of Carolina New Song does not include licensed professionals or trained counselors.

We are, however, able to address some aspects of healing as we assert the counsel of God’s word and as we share together in Christian fellowship.  In this, we recognize that any effectual change occurring in an individual is the work of the Holy Spirit, and not our own.

While we hold firmly to the hope of healing, we cannot guarantee healing to any degree.  The complexity of the issues at hand makes any promise as to the form or degree of healing inappropriate and potentially harmful.  The journey of healing is unique for each person.

New Growth

Confidentiality and Context

To ensure the confidentiality and safety of the members of our support group, we employ specific procedures and standards.

All educational and support programs of Carolina New Song are offered within the context of the Christian faith as defined through both the Old and New Testaments. (See “What We Believe”)