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Will’s Testimony

Into the Masculine: An Eyewitness Account of What is Possible In the Beginning: I was born in Columbia S.C., July 5th, 1996 at the age of 29.  My physical presence had survived the calamities it was given to by a mind led not by spirit and wisdom, but of flesh …


Cathy’s Testimony

As I sit to pen my testimony, I am confronted with a task that contains two overriding difficulties for me. First, if I put my life in writing, then I can’t take it back. I am a private individual and do not easily speak about myself. Yet, here are truths …


Thomas’ Testimony

I am a 43 year old man with a beautiful wife and an equally beautiful daughter. God has worked wonderfully in my life! Mine is a story of hurt, distrust, lies, abuse, but finally redemption. My road to redemption was complex. An important part of the journey was my childhood. …