Men’s Support Group

The men’s support group has often been our primary format for the group setting.  However, after more than twenty years supporting persons and families affected by same-sex attraction through individual support groups for men and women, we are working toward a transition to a family support group format in cooperation with local churches.  If you are interested in getting involved at any level, please contact us for further details.

We feel that the needs for ministry in this area are changing and desire to continue operating as the Lord leads.

We are glad to offer help to any individuals as the need arises.  This could include discussion and support of specific issues, recommending resources, and referral to a clinical counselor if desired.  Should we see the need for a different support group format, we will prayerfully consider it.

We generally meet every other Friday evening for fellowship, food, a lesson/discussion, and prayer.  The specific dates and/or locations where we meet are announced only within the privacy of the group and current members are notified through email on a regular basis.

Meetings are not generally open to the public.  If you have interest in attending, or would like to inquire further about the support group, please contact the group’s director through the information provided here.

General Meeting Format

7:00 – Dinner & Fellowship

8:00 – Worship, Lesson & Discussion

9:15 – Prayer

9:30 – Dismiss (members are free to stay and fellowship)