Our Mission

Carolina New Song Ministries is firstly a support ministry for those seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attractions, proclaiming the hope of change through the saving love and power of Jesus Christ.

The primary mission of Carolina New Song Ministries is to reach out to those who struggle or who are adversely impacted by issues of gender confusion, same-sex attractions, and sexual addictions.  Our goal is to provide help in achieving an optimum level of healing and change.

All of our programs of support and education are offered within the context of the Christian faith.  It is our firm belief that change and healing is possible through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Fundamental to this belief is the overwhelming evidence, contrary to popular belief, that issues such as same-sex attractions are the result of developmental factors that are subject to change.

We are an evangelical, gospel-centered organization that strives to provide a safe and loving environment for those who have been impacted by homosexuality and other related issues.  Support groups exist as a forum of sharing, accountability, education, and Christian love to those who desire to live a life of repentance toward homosexual desires, unhealthy emotional dependencies, sexual addiction, and other related struggles.

Again, we firmly believe that healing is available through a relationship with Jesus Christ but by no means do we guarantee that anyone will be “healed” by simply attending our ministry groups or events.  The healing of homosexuality and other related issues is a complex and highly individualistic journey that each man or woman must undertake for him/herself.  The degree to which individuals experience healing from unwanted same-sex attractions varies greatly from person to person.